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  • Model No: MDA2.00MP

The MDA2000 digital microscope is a hand-held digital magnifier. By connected with a PC through a USB2.0 port, the images and videos of the specimen are shown on the screen, and captured, edited by the software attached. With the special design of adjustable magnification, the fine target can be found easy in low magnification and its detailed information can be inspected in high magnification. The advanced design in IC project enables MDA2000 run without a driver, just like an insert-plug movable hard-disk. The newly developed software attached supports the working model of video recording in high resolution (2.0MP).

The MDA2000 is an extremely useful tool for parts inspection and precision testing which is widely used in machinery, electronics, printing, commodity inspection, quality control and in areas like textiles industry, security, health, education and family life.

Sensor Parameter 1/3" 2.0 Mega Pixels CMOS
Max Resolution 1600*1200
USB Device USB 2.0,
Frame Rate 7.5 f/s @ 1280*1024
Preview Model 1600*1200,1280*1024, 1024*768,640*480, 320*240,160*120
Sensitivity 1.0V/lux-sec@550nm
Spectrum response 400nm---1000nm
Shutter Type ERS(electronic rolling shutter)
White Balance Auto
USB cable length 1.5 M
Operating System Windows--XP2,Vista
Basic PC Pentium4 2.0GHz or more
512MB RAM or more
USB 2.0 Port
17” Monitor or more big

10*~30* and 200* Magnification (17”LCD Monitor )
High resolution for full screen view: 1600*1200
Without a driver to install Compatibility: Windows, XP, Vista
Compact Size: high:95mm, diam.35mm
Weight: 0.119kg

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