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  • Model No: XSZ-500P
Polarizing microscope can observe mineral crystal figure, color and interference color and also identify its optical performance. It is a good microscope used in geology, petroleum, coal, Chemical fiber, medical treatment and physicinspection. It is also widely used in academic demonstration and research.Binocular head, 30˚inclined,360˚rotatable

Plan eyepiece 10X/18 with scale Crosshair and 0.1mm
Infinite Strain free Achromatic Objective ∞4X/0.1,10X/0.25,40X/0.65(spring loaded),
60X/0.8(spring loaded)
Infinite Strain free Achromatic Objective ∞20X/0.4
Rot table Analyzer with Graduation 0O-360˚ (module type,can lock)
Built-in centre adjustable Bertrand Lens
Diameterф156mm360˚Rot table and Graduated in 1OIncrements
Minimum Resolution6' when Using Venire Scale, Center Adjustable
N.A.1.25Abbe Condenser(Strain free) with Iris Diaphragm&filter holder
Can rotate, take the scale
Halogen bulb 6V/20W.The brightness is adjustable
Six mao spanner in 2.5mm Blue filter
Built-in Adjustable Brightness ,Power AC input 220V/110V
Package: Each Set in styrofoam box,1box to 1 Carton

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